Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break Mini Haul

I recently just ended my spring break from school and did a little bit of shopping while I was at home! I picked up some things that I have been wanting for SOO long so I am super excited! Here are all of my goodies!
So the first thing I picked up was the POREfessional from Benefit! I had tried this out in Sephora a few months ago on the back of my hand and I was amazed at how smooth my skin looked. After using a tiny sample for weeks I decided that I wanted to invest in this product. The product is a beige color but seems to match to your skin quite nicely. I feel as though it would even work on deeper skin tones. I would say that it doesn't exactly erase your pores (and it also doesn't treat them) but it makes your skin look sooo smooth and flawless.
Next I picked up the NARS Laguna Bronzer...I'm sure you have heard all about this product so I don't have to say much! I love it especially because it does not look shimmery or glittery at all on the skin. It is a great bronzer for pale girls like me :)
Next I picked up a NYX Cream Blush in Boho Chic. I have not really used any cream blushes but I've heard tons about how great and cheap the NYX ones are. I love this because one little dab of your brush will be more than enough! This color is a really pretty soft pink that would look great on light and deep skin tones alike. The swatch is a bit hard to see but it is definitely noticeable on the cheeks!
I was reallly excited about these next little gems! These are the Soft Matte Lip Creams from NYX in San Paulo (left) and Milan (right). These look beautiful on the lips and they dry to a pretty matte finish. I am quite the fan of matte lipsticks so I was really excited about these! They also smell really deliciously like vanilla...deliciously? yep don't think that's a word.
Here are the swatches for those bad boys. Left is San Paulo and right is Milan.
Next is something I really wanted to pick up because of Estee from essiebutton! This is the Revlon Strawberry Suede Matte lipstick which is not discontinued, unfortunately. I picked this up off of eBay for like $6.50 so not too bad! It is a beautiful matte-corally-red color and I love it. Well obviously because it was matte I was already sold but the coral color is great for the spring and summer! 
My last purchase was MAC's Creme Cup. I've heard this is a HG of many many people so I really wanted to go and check it out. Creme Cup is a cremesheen finish and it was the first time that I had tried a cremesheen! I was really surprised that I actually love this finish considering I am weary of anything that isn't matte. It is a great everyday shade that wears beautifully all day long. I love it because it is a super flattering shade for many skin tones and it is great for spring!

Hope you enjoyed!

Friday, March 9, 2012

My Favorite Springtime Nail Polishes!

So Spring is well on its way and I have chosen a few of my favorite Springtime nail colors to share with you all!

First I have 3 Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamels in the colors Jaded, Cloud, and Cupid. Jaded is a beautiful mint pastel color, which are very on trend for Spring! Then we have Cloud which is a soft lilac color. The third is called Cupid and it is more of a 'Barbie' pink color. The formula of these nail polishes are great and always seem to look flawless on the nails.

Next I have 3 polishes from Urban Outfitters. From left to right they are Orange 7, Matte Purple 3, and Nude 4. One thing that I dislike about these polishes is that their names are very blah. Some polishes in the same color families bear the same name with a different number which can be confusing at times. The Orange polish  is a nice 'Dreamsicle' type of color but it needs about 3 coats to look opaque. The middle color is very interesting because before shopping around the UO polishes, I had never seen a matte polish. I also have a grey one and like the name says, it dries to a matte finish. The only downside to these is that you can't wear a topcoat if you want to have that matte finish. The third color is a beautiful nude that is showing much darker in the picture. It is a great basic color to have when you want a more neutral nail.

My last two picks are Lilac Pastelle from Revlon and Hopelessly in Love from OPI. The lilac polish is a really fair lilac color, unlike Cloud above. Again you would probably need about 3 coats for it to look opaque. The last color from OPI is a great Springtime color because it is the perfect pale pink. In the picture it looks a bit orange but take my word for it! It is also a pretty sheer color, so you need a few coats.

I would love to hear some of your favorite Spring nail colors! Leave a comment below!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Drugstore and MAC Beauty Haul!

I have really been spending up a storm in the past 2 weeks so here are my recent purchases!
So first I have a Mint Julep Face Masque from the brand, Queen Helene. I've used it once on so far and I was really taken back by how tingly this felt during the first 2 minutes of this on my face. I honestly didn't notice a huge difference in softness of my skin or anything, but it smells nice and is nice and relaxing. It cost about $6.

Next I have a Morroccan Argan Oil Intensive Moisturizing Treatment by the brand, Organix. I bought this because I had ombre'd my hair a few months back and the ends are always super dry. I thought this might be nice substitute for my normal conditioner a few times a week. It smells really nice but I'm not sure that I notice a difference yet! We'll see. I believe this was around $9.

I bought a Milani Illuminating Face Powder in the shade Hermosa Rose because I used to have something similar but I ran out. One really odd thing about this is that it absolutely smells horrible. In the swatch below, it looks pretty orange, but it is not too pigmented. It's nice for a highlighter or for a light bronzer. I wouldn't say it is really something I will buy again because it was around $11 and for me, it is not really worth the price.

Next is a Wet n Wild blush in Mellow Wine. I have heard a lot recently about the great pigmentation of Wet n Wild products and I cannot disagree with this blush. One tap of your brush is really all you need. It looks a bit shimmery in the pan, but looks quite matte on the skin. The swatch looks a bit lighter than it actually is! For about $3.50 you cannot beat the price. I will have to go grab a few more colors!

I have really been wanting a Korres Lip Butter and I finally picked one up in Plum. The color is great dark red color and I really like how smooth the consistency is. I don't find it as moisturizing as I would have expected, but it looks really nice. I think it was around $12 and I bought it from my local Sephora.

I was looking for a nice everyday lipstick and of course I had heard tons about MAC's Hue. It is a nice smooth glaze finish. I really like how nice it wears throughout the day. It is a bit lighter than I expected, but it still looks beautiful on the lips. The picture is making it look a bit more nude and in person it is a bit pinker.

Next I have some MAC eyeshadows. I finally caved in and started my first eyeshadow palette. I thought about some colors that were often talked about in the YouTube world. I really thought I was making some great purchases but I honestly don't love all of them. From left to right I have Shroom (Satin), Ricepaper (Frost), Patina (Frost), Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl), and Wedge (Matte). I am really disappointed with Shroom because I literally dug my finger into the pan and barely got any color. I am a big fan of matte eyeshadow and I really like Wedge for a crease shade. Ricepaper is a beautiful on the lids and I imagine that it would suit many skin colors. I have yet to use Patina, but the swatch looks like it could be a nice lid or crease shade as well. I think that Woodwinked is my favorite out of them all because its pigmentation is amazing! It looks so beautiful and luxurious on the outer corner, so I will definitely be looking more into the Veluxe Pearl finishes. 

Thanks for reading that super long post! I hope some of this information was helpful to you. :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lipsticks, Blush, Eyeliner, Oh My!

So basically I love learning about, talking about, looking at, and experimenting with makeup! I decided to make a beauty blog so that I can meet some people who also love doing what I do. So let's go!